You can't save everyone

my friend

I can hear the angels singing! ♥.♥ #NewCase #FINALLYcamein #thehungergames #mockingjay #bejelly

Secretly slips in a selfie on your dash just bc

11/29/13 — and with 2 notes


9/23/13 — and with 4 notes

Selfie Saturday :p

8/24/13 — and with 1 note

Selfie bc I can’t sleep and haven’t posted one on here in a while oops

8/10/13 — and with 0 notes

Not that it’s relevant or w/e but I was having a #CoraHale moment the other day & I couldn’t help it. 😁#ifeltsocoolngl #myface

I feel this deserves to go in #myface page sorry

5/23/13 — and with 0 notes

#myface just bc???

5/9/13 — and with 2 notes

💋Haven’t posted a selfie in a while #sorrynotsorry #myface

4/17/13 — and with 2 notes

i kind of need some help fashion-wise…?

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